About Us


Americans of all ages want tasty, easy, and healthy foods to enjoy at home. Great American Cobbler Company's cobblers are timeless classics that are sure to please.  All our products are handcrafted with 100 percent American grown fruit.


Great American Cobbler Company is family farmer-owned and operated. We’ve been growing fruit for generations and we’re applying our passion for growing fruit to making our quality products. Our production facility is located in South Georgia, and we're creating jobs right where we farm. We’re excited to be positively impacting our rural communities.  From our Family Farm to your Table.


You could bake your own cobblers, but Great American Cobbler Company makes it so easy for you to make any family meal extra special.  With Great American Cobblers, you'll save time and effort and get guaranteed results, every time.  They're a great value too.  And the best part is the smiles at your dinner table.